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Ozark Rock

The Ozark Rock has a good fuzzy feeling about those little pebbles.


Missouri River Rock

This popular gravel will make any outside area elegant!


Double Ground Hardwood

Ground-Hardwood-BarkA premium double-ground hardwood mulch that is a longtime favorite choice of professional landscapers.  Composed primarily of oak species bark, its consistent texture and rich dark color enhance any landscape by contrasting with flowers, foliage, shrubs and trees.

Cedar Mulch

Cedar-MulchA single-ground mulch made from Eastern Red Cedar (Juniper) that has a uniform, coarse grind and a red-gold color. The cedar’s pleasant aroma acts as a natural insect deterrent. This long-lasting mulch is ideal for use in landscaping and livestock arenas.

Brown Colored Crushed Chips

Brown-Colored-Crushed-ChipsA double processed mulch that has a wonderful consistency and a rich, dark coffee color.  The consistency of the crushed chips makes for easy spreading and requires less material to provide the same coverage as other mulches. This long-lasting, color-enhanced mulch is great for landscaping and will highlight any plant, shrub, or trees it is spread under.

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