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Improving Spaces With Decorative Gravels

Decorative gravels literally rock when it comes to landscape design. No material is more versatile or available in so many different varieties as decorative gravel. Landscapers use decorative gravel in myriad places because of its ability to create complementary themes in an outdoor space.

So What’s The Big Deal About Decorative Gravel

First off, decorative gravels come in just about every imaginable shape and size. From tiny pebbles to larger stones, there’s a decorative gravel that fits almost every need. You’ll even find a lot of different surface textures between different types of decorative gravels – think about the jagged edges of a rock formed by lava versus the smoothness of a river rock polished by years of erosion.

While basic gravels are often sold by the bag, most decorative gravels are sold by the ton or cubic yard. Often when purchasing these kinds of gravels, retailers will offer the option of home delivery. This saves homeowners from having to haul it themselves as is often the case with bagged gravels. Riverbend offers delivery to Independence and Liberty-area homes starting at just $50, and the rest of the metro on a per mile basis.

One of our favorite things about decorative gravels is that they come in a vast array of colors, from strikingly bold to muted. This allows homeowners to create a counterpoint to a brightly colored plant, or to add some punch to a landscape. Paired with a water feature, decorative gravels are a necessary and beautiful additional feature.

What To Look For In Retaining Wall Stone

When it comes to retaining walls, you’ve got a lot of options to choose between. From natural stone to complete engineered concrete systems, the options are nearly endless, and choosing the right one for you will depend on several factors.

The first factor is the aesthetic style or form factor. The stone or concrete you choose to use should be in line with your existing aesthetic decisions. It should either add another point of interest to your home with a distinguishing color or interesting texture, or it should match the kind of the stone your home’s exterior already incorporates. Aesthetics are an important consideration because they help create a feeling about a place, and since this is your home, a retaining wall should help to make you proud every time you look at it.

The second and equally important factor is determining who is going to install your new retaining wall. At Riverbend Rock & Mulch, we like to focus on making it easy for homeowners to do projects themselves – it’s why we offer delivery and featured concrete retaining wall systems that make it easy to do projects yourself. With our Maytrx line of engineered concrete stone products, each piece is designed to pair nicely with the other pieces. Plus, our Maytrx line is available in numerous sizes, shapes and colors making it a perfect fit for most projects. When it comes to installation, these systems are comparatively very easy to install on your own. Unlike natural stone that requires careful fitting and lots of binding materials, concrete offers homeowners with little experience installing such systems an easy way create build retaining wall they’ve always wanted at a fraction of the expense.

For more information on getting started with building retaining walls, please contact us and one of our team will be happy to answer any questions you have. If you’re ready to see options for retaining walls that we carry at Riverbend, please browse our selection online.

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