Rugged Barcelos – 3 Piece Paver System

Concrete pavers have a number of advantages over other types of paving stone. Our pavers offer all of the below benefits, plus have the advantages of being locally made, easy to have delivered and more competitively priced than similar products available elsewhere.

Pavers offer homeowners a lot of flexibility when it comes to their outdoor projects. Firstly, the flexibility of your designs can be nearly endless. Thanks to the many shapes and colors that they come in, homeowners are free to choose the best items for their spaces. Plus, they can help visually separate outdoor areas, like adding a walking path to the garden from your patio – it’s an opportunity to use three separate types of pavers, all working together to create an exceptional back yard experience.

The initial expense of using pavers is far less than that of of other materials like granite, sandstone or clay. They’re usually easy to install on your own or with your family, which saves additional dollars over having them installed for you. Because they have a longer or comparable lifespan when compared to other materials, and because the starting price point is lower, they’re less expensive to replace when they have an eventual crack or end up otherwise compromised.


Rugged Barcelos – 3 Piece Paver System

One reason for the considerable lifespan of the pavers is derived from the fact that they are not placed as a single piece. With all the joints between the pavers, unlike a solid slab of concrete or rock, there is little chance for the pavers to crack because of the weather getting too cold. Plus, they provide better traction for pedestrians in wet or snowy conditions due to their textures.

These advantages help concrete pavers stand apart from other materials, and make it an exciting option when considering how to best update your yard.