Looking for something the whole family can enjoy this fall and actually make everyone want to get out of the house? Then you need a fire pit!

We love outdoor fall festivals as much as the next guys (may we suggest this weekend’s Louisburg Cider Mill Ciderfest), but the place where you are honestly spending most of your time, or at least where most people regularly relax, is at home. A fire pit in the backyard is the perfect feature to make going outside fun and relaxing, perfect for a social gather, some couples time together or some time alone enjoying the fall colors.

What’s really cool about the fire pits we sell, for example, are that they are designed to be semi-permanent installations, yet they’re really very easy to install – certainly no more complicated than the movable fire pits you have to assemble from the hardware store. You don’t need to hire a contractor to put one in if you don’t want to. And since we deliver them, we can drop them off right at your house. Just select the style you want and the color, and then give us a call!

These stone fire pits will last and last compared to the hardware store variety, and require very little maintenance. We also recommend the grates for the tops of our fire pits that allow you to actually grill foods over the them (that’s why we call them barbecue pits), giving you more versatility to use the pit year round.

Head over to our products page and visit the barbecue / fire pit section to see the styles we have in stock and the options you can choose for each. We have something that will work for almost any hardscape arrangement, but if you have specific questions, or would like to include a fire pit as part of a larger hardscaping project, don’t hesitate to ask!