Stone Garden Walls

Decorative Gravel and MulchGarden wall blocks are great for creating raised patios, planters, tree rings and garden terraces. They are so versatile you are able to add your own personal touch!

Stone garden walls are a favorite for homeowners when it comes to sprucing up their landscaping. If done correctly your Garden Wall will compliment your home and the surrounding paving materials.

Garden stone walls can be made out of large stones with a flat faces. These stones are mortared to concrete block walls. Sometimes the stones happen to fit together very tightly like a jigsaw puzzle; at other times they have a looser look with larger mortared joints.

Our Maytrx series of retaining wall stones and garden walls fit together snugly and simply, making them an ideal choice for someone looking to build one of these walls themselves. Our Mesa Adobe series locks together providing ease of assembly and a superior long-term hold.

Flat Stones

These stones are used to create a stone garden wall where the stones are cut to a precise geometric shape. Then as with the natural shaped flat stones, they are applied to a concrete block wall. This type of wall has structured, flattering look.

These stones above are irregular in shape and are complemented by small landscaping boulders

Stone Colors

Look at the color running though the stones. Some stones are mostly one color, while others have many colors combined.

Stones can be different shades of grays, blues, tans, or even reds. You can even combine any combination of these colors and have a great well balanced project. Take a moment and think about what plants, flowers or fixtures you would like to incorporate into your garden wall to complete your look.

Don’t forget to include the colors of your house when choosing the color shades of your stone!



It is easy to design and install decorative Garden Walls throughout your landscaping project. Let us help your residential and commercial environment come alive while combining natural greenery, flowers and earthy concrete retaining wall units. Garden Wall units are the perfect addition to any lawn, garden, patio or terrace.

For more information on getting started with building Garden Walls, please contact us and one of our team will be happy to answer any questions you have. If you’re ready to see options for Garden Walls that we carry at Riverbend, please browse our selection online.